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Prescription Human Growth Hormone

Your Body's AI with HGH

Prescription human growth hormone is most often provided to people with serious growth issues. These growth issues involve significant problems with your pituitary gland, usually in the form of an injured or damaged gland that is unable to produce the HGH needed for normal human growth.

Prescription human growth hormone is not for people that are simply looking to receive many of the hormone's benefits. The purpose of the prescription human growth hormone is to replace the HGH that is not getting created by your own body. When you have a working pituitary gland, prescription human growth hormone can be incredibly dangerous.

Dangers of using synthetic HGH

Your body is its own machine, complete with artificial intelligence. It decides where to put its precious resources in order to get your body to work properly. When you inject yourself with a synthetic hormone, you risk telling your body that your pituitary gland no longer needs to produce its own hormones because an external source (the injection) is providing the hormone it needs. It will shut down your pituitary gland altogether and put the resources elsewhere.

Prescription human growth hormone is for people that do not have a working pituitary gland anyway, so there is no risk of your gland shutting down its production, since it is not producing anyway.

For those of us who have working glands, but whose HGH production has diminished over time due to age, you want an alternative to prescription human growth hormone that will have the same effects but without the risk.

HGH Boosters

That alternative is known has HGH boosters – supplements designed to increase your body's production of HGH by taking advantage of the working system already in place. These supplements are made up of proteins that are known to tell your brain that it needs to produce more HGH.

As hormone levels increase, you start to receive all of the same benefits of the HGH that you would have experienced from the synthetic hormone, except that since your body is creating the hormone itself, the risk of telling your body it won't need to anymore is severely diminished.

Also, because the amino acids are 100% natural, found and extracted from standard foods like meats and vegetables, your body will not reject any of their ingredients. This makes the supplement safe and easily digestible, so that it works in your system quickly and easily without having to worry about messing up any part of your body's machinery.

For those looking to increase their HGH levels, consider a HGH booster like Sytropin. Sytropin is an oral spray with all the essential amino acids for boosting production, known to produce as much hormone as the synthetic shots.